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315 N Washington


Offers studio, 1 bedroom, 2 bedroom & 3 bedroom apartments.

Located 3 blocks from EMU main campus and 2 blocks from Depot Town

Anchor 1
320 N Adams

Duplex offering 3 bedrooms on both upper and lower floor.

At corner of West Cross and North Adams, easy walk to campus

Anchor 2
314 N Adams

Duplex with 3 bedroom & Study, on the lower floor, 2 bedroom on the upper floor.  

Located by West Cross Street, close to EMU Campus

Anchor 3
217 West Cross

​Large Building offering 9 units – from one bedroom to 3 bedrooms.

306 North Hamilton

Four one bedroom apartments on lower and upper floor

Located near West Cross Street.

304 North Hamilton​

Duplex offering 3 bedroom apartments on lower floor and upper floor

Located near West Cross Street

415 Olive St​

Duplex with 4 bedroom on lower floor and 2 bedroom on upper floor

One block from main campus

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